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Since 1988
Вадим Юрьевич Дудецкий
Руководитель отдела продаж
В период, когда многие сокращая издержки, удешевляют материалы и производство, мы в МАZARITO сохраняем традиции внимания к деталям и качеству. Ковры бренда MAZARITO подойдут тем, кто ищет и ценит исключительно качественные вещи.
Выбор из более сотни материалов и цветов. Доработанные и улучшенные лекала ковров. Износостойкие материалы, резиновая основа с эффектом шумоизоляции.
Opening the door, we immediately take a step into the future: glossy white wall panels form a clear architectural structure. First of all, the panels fulfill their true functional purpose: hiding the three-dimensional storage space behind. In the hallway, there are doors that hide the wardrobe for clothes and shoes and bottom storage for shoes and accessories. Panels extend into the living room, in addition to the bottom storage panels, wrapping around the home theater.
All furniture is made by a designer studio Geometrix.
The kitchen is fully implemented by professional designers from the studio Geometrix, which is a logical continuation of the overall concept. Kitchen island arising from the dinner table, and minimalist design of a hood made by Corian. Sliding glass doors, placed in the center of the flat, can completely isolate the kitchen from the living area.
Kitchen, dining table, cooker hood - all done according to the sketches of architects studio. Dining chair ROLF BENZ. Lamps on the dining table Artemide, mod. Mouette Symmetrical
Frosted glass doors logically separate the common area from a private bedroom, nursery, small cabinet, and the main bathroom.
Poltrona Frau sofa mod. Cassiopea. Coffee table Arketipo, Dent. The storage system is made according to our designs. Floor lamp ITRE KATANA. Doors are made according to our designs. Accessories Blossom Universe
The designers were tasked to allocate an isolated space for the office. Additionally, the placement of the windows did not allow a bathroom with natural light. This was solved by placing a frosted glass panel hidden behind the LED strip in the bathroom, which created more light and space in that part of the flat.
Table Arco I-con desk. Chair Vitra Aluminium Group. Bookcase Emmebi, mod. Sode
Every solution in this futuristic interior is calibrated to provide a functional and clean design.
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